About busSTRUT

busSTRUT was founded in 2004 by a family focused on supplying the best mechanical and electrical distribution system. Since then, a busSTRUT system has helped hundreds of locations look better, work better, and cost less. At the same time, we’ve built strong and long-lasting relationships with end users, contractors, architects, and engineers through our complimentary support services. Our team of in-house drafters will bring your sustainable design from a sketch to reality.

Turn-Key / Labor Savings

busSTRUT was engineered as an integrated system, which allows for effective cost isolation. As a result, you will know what you are paying to install our ONE system and that you are paying less! Namely, our ONE system’s installed cost is guaranteed to be less than conventional installations by busSTRUT TURN-KEY providing the following:

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1. Accurate Bill of Materials

A complete set of installation drawings are created as part of a quote. This is in part to provide an accurate bill of materials (precise quantity of each part).

2. Accurate Time Standards

The busSTRUT system includes only a few modular parts. These few parts have proven time standards, which is provided in our reverse-bid labor form. Using the provided bill of materials, the number of parts needed are multiplied by their respective time standards to provide a full installed cost.

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3. Reverse-Bid Auction

busSTRUT TURN-KEY informs electrical contractors that bids will not exceed the costs calculated using the busSTRUT reverse-bid labor form. If a reverse-bid auction does not produce a number equal to or below the predetermined installed cost, busSTRUT TURN-KEY will install the project for the cost GUARANTEED.