Lighting Fixture Types

Simplify complex lighting requirements and suspend ONE SYSTEM in busSTRUT.

All types of lighting are Plug & Play on the busSTRUT system. busSTRUT allows for General Lights to be used on the same system as Accent Lights. Decorative and/or industrial Pendants may also be easily incorporated. All busSTRUT Ready lights come pre-installed with a flip-fitter that provides the mechanical and electrical connection. busSTRUT ready mounting kits are available for use with other industrial lighting fixtures.

BusSTRUT System Benefits and Lighting Solutions

All Of Your Lighting, Power, Data, And Decor Can Be Placed On One System.

The BusSTRUT System Is An All-in-One Electro-Mechanical Modular Solution.

Flexibility to add, move, or subtract elements including lighting, power drops, & cameras.

No more lighting track mounted to un-wired strut! Simply suspend PRE-WIRED strut.

Overhead Lighting Rendering

Plug & Play – Pendant Lights

Linear Lighting that is finally Plug & Play

Total lighting design freedom

Are you ready for a system with all the capabilities of busway, designed to work for both power distribution and lighting? busSTRUT is your interior track lighting solution.

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Pre-wired Strut Lighting System

Accent Lighting

Highlighting specific areas or displays, accent lights draw attention to products, art, and spaces. Instead of mounting lighting track to un-wired strut, busSTRUT is a pre-wired steel strut – eliminating the need to crudely assemble a traditional track to an un-wired strut in the field.

General Linear Lights

busSTRUT can support architectural linears, for our system consists of 12-gauge steel and is NRTL listed to UL 857 (Busway) standards. Linear lights are Plug & Play on our track busway from fittings for use with industry standard ½” knockouts.

After suspending busSTRUT from the provided cables, linear fixtures simply attach to the busSTRUT with the provided fitting(s).

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are also known as suspenders and drops. These lights are single lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling, usually suspended using metal rods, chains, or cords. They can be hung in a row and are excellent options for highlighting produce and other product tables.

With busSTRUT being an open-slot busway, unlike lighting track, allows us to manufacture octagon boxes as NRTL listed power taps. The difference between a conventional octagon box and a busSTRUT READY OCTAGON BOX is that ours comes with a pre-installed Plug-and-Play fitting, allowing for easy installation of your preferred light.

Works Better. Costs Less.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can save with busSTRUT, the most complete track lighting system on the market.

busSTRUT can be the cost-effective solution to your power distribution and connection challenges.

The busSTRUT provides ultimate flexibility to add, move, or subtract all light fixture types as needed for new builds and remodels, making it a sustainable product. Therefore, as your design evolves, so too does the busSTRUT system. Contact us today to learn more about busSTRUT fixtures and its busway and trunking capabilities.