Lighting Fixtures

Plug and Play

All types of lighting are Plug & Play on the busSTRUT system. busSTRUT allows for GENERAL LIGHTs to be used on the same system as ACCENT LIGHTs. Decorative and/or industrial PENDANTs may also be easily incorporated.

Simplify the complex lighting requirements and suspend ONE SYSTEM in busSTRUT.

All busSTRUT READY LIGHTs come pre-installed with a flip-fitter that provides the mechanical and electrical connection.

busSTRUT READY MOUNTING KITs are available for use with lights by other.

Fixture Types

Accent Lighting

Highlighting specific areas or displays, accent lights draw attention to products, art, and spaces. Instead of mounting lighting track to un-wired strut, busSTRUT is pre-wired steel strut – eliminating the laborious kludging of traditional track to un-wired strut in the field.

General Linear Lights

Installing linear lights has traditionally been accomplished by mounting fixtures from stems or chains. This is a time-consuming process that results in an unsightly maze of crooked fixtures. Alternatively, the busSTRUT system is engineered to simplify and streamline the installation process.

busSTRUT is suspended from virtually invisible cables at the desired mounting height. This allows for the unique opportunity to cost-effectively run parallel rows of busSTRUT READY HI-BAYS. By resting a higher amperage double-deck busSTRUT column atop those already supported parallel rows of busSTRUT —busSTRUT eliminates both the traditional hand-wiring and a significant amount of home-run feeds.

Pendant Lighting

busSTRUT being a busway, unlike lighting track, allows us to manufacture octagon boxes as NRTL listed power taps.

These power taps come pre-installed with two-circuit flip-fitter to attach to the same busSTRUT as any/all other light fixture types. This eliminates the need for costly “in-field” wiring and numerous feeds. The result is an extraordinarily cost-effective installation with complete design freedom and purposefully clean, uncluttered architectural aesthetics.

The difference between a conventional octagon box and a busSTRUT READY OCTAGON BOX is that ours comes with a pre-installed Plug-and-Play fitting.

The BusSTRUT System Applications

The busSTRUT provides ultimate flexibility to add, move, or subtract all light fixture types as needed for new builds and remodels, making it a sustainable product. Therefore, as your design evolves, so too does the busSTRUT system.

This highly customizable lighting solution offers multiple lighting applications:


busSTRUT has proven methods for improving light distribution in the produce, sales floor, checkout, and circulation areas.

Produce takes up roughly 25% of the floor space, and yet provides over 50% of a store’s profit. There are a few ways to properly light a produce area, and

busSTRUT allows you to try them all. No matter the type of lighting chosen, create an area of interest by suspending busSTRUT over your produce area.


As the landscape of brick-and-mortar shopping shifts to the virtual world, retailers must reimagine their environments to create deeper experiences that cater to the on-demand mindset of today’s concern. At busSTRUT, we stive to create innovative, sustainable solutions that allow you to do more with less.


Ideal for restaurants, busSTRUT allows for linear, accents and all other supplements to be incorporated on the same length with no extra wires or structure.

Create the perfect ambiance in your dining area with the busSTRUT system’s continuous open-slot accessibility and universal connectivity. For example, moveable rows allow you to place lights precisely over each table.


Reduce costs using busSTRUT industrial lighting solutions. You can streamline the installation process with flexible lighting options, allowing you to move or add lighting fixtures as your industrial floor plan changes.


Add lighting or power wherever you need it in the workplace or office. The BusSTRUT system is a dynamic solution providing efficiency in lighting and power distribution. We allow you to easily create custom lighting options suited to your facility’s needs.

Take advantage of busSTRUT’s power distribution for the offices below (including cubicles). It’s a cost-effective solution that eliminates the necessity of in-field wiring.

Convenience Stores

Ceilings are meant to be an extension of the architectural space. They are meant to exemplify the space, communicate, and contribute to the experience. Every space solves a varied number of problems, contributing to an experience that constantly evolves. What is required is a system that has the flexibility to adapt to changing spaces, while providing the ability to experiment and easily change based on concepts, new design layouts, and changing market trends. busSTRUT has the power to define more intimate spaces.

You can go beyond general lighting with BusSTRUT lighting systems engineered to enhance your store’s aesthetics. You can add various lighting fixtures into a single system, including general, decorative, and accent lighting. This system even allows you to plug in floor fixtures and other devices.

The BusSTRUT system is a dynamic lighting solution providing efficiency in lighting and design. They allow you to easily create custom lighting options suited to your facility’s needs.