Power Connections

One of the challenges with designing a commercial space is preserving the architecture and design while making way for critical building systems like electricals, lighting, security, and information technology.busSTRUT solves this by providing all the aforementioned systems, in one system.

busSTRUT offers a suspended system that integrates lighting, power, data, and decor all in one. With busSTRUT overhead, power sockets are no longer limited to the walls or floor. You can have a well-lit area, maintain strong and consistent WiFi signals throughout, and decorate the space with zero cable clutter.integrates lighting, power, data, and decor all in one. 

powering the platform from poles

What is a busSTRUT System?

.busSTRUT simplifies traditional lighting track by combining two pieces (unwired steel strut and lighting track) into one. However, busSTRUT is not simply prewired strut, it is a busway. Lighting track, per the National Electrical Code, Article 410.151A, allows for only lighting to be used with the track.

Busway is regulated under a higher code than lighting track. busSTRUT busway was engineered to carry and distribute power per NEC Article 368, and NRTL listed to UL 857 standards.

No Compromising Style or Power Connectivity

busSTRUT optimizes overhead space by providinge power, digital, and structural connections from one system. At the same time, our multi-purpose system hides visual clutter and offers a sturdy physical frame for hanging decorative fixtures, faux wood boards and even a TV screen. Other features include:

  • Pre-wired for a neat, top of the line appearance.
  • Open slot accessibility for ease in re-locating / adding elements.
  • Capable of powering a wide variety of appliances.
  • Limited downtime thanks to easy installation and maintenance. 
  • Hang decorations from the sturdy, 12-gauge steel struts.
  • Highly customizable grid spacing for criss-crossing struts.  

Supplying Power Where You Need It

Hook up power, data, and smart technology with less complications by deploying all those systems with busSTRUT. Our system combines the strength and functionality of steel struts with the versatility of an open-slot busways. Our pre-wired strut system can carry low and high currents to meet different power requirements in your office, facility, or business establishment.

  • UL 857 Busway Standards compliant
  • Built-in code compliance with protection from fuses / breakers 
  • Minimize home-run feeds with 160A feeder capacity (4 x 40amp circuits)
  • 120V, 208V, 277V, and 408V compatible 
  • Powerline Networking

General Power Applications

Electricity should run through a building like sap through a tree. The industry has adopted phrases like “BRANCHING” & “FEEDING” as part of the jargon. The metaphor is completed by its leaves, which suggests “FIXTURING”.


Busways are modern, cost-effective tools for distributing electricity in a building. busSTRUT is a busway, a prefabricated electrical distribution system with insulated conductors hidden inside a steel strut housing

Because of the nature of busways, one perpendicular row can often aggregate many branches into just one homerun feed. Individual busSTRUT sections may be double-decked in the field to achieve up to 4x40amp circuits. Feeding costs with busSTRUT are drastically reduced because busway projects inherently have far fewer homerooms.


busSTRUT ingeniously eliminates the need for in-field wiring of branch circuits. busSTRUT takes no longer to hang than unwired strut, and once it’s up, so is the branch circuit wiring! Fused jumper cords allow rows of field wiring to be cost effectively fed from the stacked perpendicular trunking feeder bus. Therefore, there’s no need for 20amp fixture fusing.

Imagine a spacious commercial space without pillars or interior walls that could conceal electrical wiring. How will you feed light fixtures, IoT devices, or appliances in the middle of the space? You might think of using floor cord covers, but honestly…

The overhead electrical plug-in devices you can move with busSTRUT are more practical, cleaner, and safer than these tripping hazards.

busSTRUT offers these plug-in devices with externally operable circuit breaker.

What power fixtures can you connect to a BusStrut system?


With busSTRUT’s continuous “open-slot” design and ingenious Flip-Fitters, cost effective universal connectivity and complete design freedom is assured. You can skip all the labor of hardwiring each fixture to a junction box, and with busSTRUT you even have the flexibility to move your fixtures in the future.

1.     Lights

Our pre-wired struts can integrate all types of light fixtures, from linear to pendant to accent lighting. The same pre-wired sections of busSTRUT can be utilized for all your lighting types. Below are examples of lights that can be installed through a power strut connection:

General lighting is :typically consists of linear lights with industry standard ½” knockouts for use with a busSTRUT READY LINEAR MOUNTING KIT.

Pendant lighting : consists of chandeliers and other canopy mounted fixtures for use with a busSTRUT READY OCTAGON BOX. 

Accent lighting  includes point-source fixture to effectively highlight objects. Typically, a track lighting fixture is utilized & simply attaches to the busSTRUT via a monopoint.

2.     Power Drops

Being UL 857 compliant, busSTRUT can safely distribute power to lighting, IoT (Internet of things) devices, floor appliances, etc.

busSTRUT can utilize numerous methods for dropping power anywhere in the space. The flexibility of busSTRUT allows for twist-lock receptacles, octagon boxes, drop cords, or junction boxes to be placed anywhere along busSTRUT, thus eliminating the typical maze of cords and cables. In fact, busSTRUT has the ability to add movable bridges to precisely locate power drops. As a result, busSTRUT power drop cords can run through a pole and always hang straight. 

Data (via busLINK Powerline Networking)

The same struts that distribute power throughout your space can also incorporate AV (audio-visual) devices, Internet service, and security systems. 

busSTRUT can carry both power and data by converting busSTRUT busway’s power-lines into networking compatible signals with one busLINK receiver connected to the network, and a busLINK sender box is simply plugged anywhere on the busSTRUT to access the network data.

  • Security cameras with audio recording, speaker, and microphone
  • Motion sensors / detectors
  • Speakers for entertainment or PA systems
  • Wireless AP (access points) appliances that boost and extend WiFi reach

3.     Data
The same struts that distribute power throughout your space can also incorporate AV (audio-visual) devices, Internet service, and security systems:

    • 24/7 security cameras with audio recording, speaker, and microphone
    • Motion sensors and smoke detectors
    • Speakers for surround sound entertainment or PA systems
    • Wireless AP (access points) appliances that boost and extend WiFi reach

Applications in Different Industries


Customers expect supermarkets to be well-lit. Everyone wants to see the goods, produce, and meats clearly because they want to buy only the freshest and best food. But besides ample lighting, supermarkets need reliable electrical distribution to power up ice machines, slicers, refrigerated display cabinets, freezers, price checkers, PA systems, self-checkout stations, manned checkout counters, and more! And although an overhead power strut system cannot support the power consumption of an entire supermarket, it can share the load and reduce visual and physical clutter at the same time. 


General and accent lighting is crucial in retail because they help shape the customers’ mood and impression of the store. The lighting must be sufficient, but not too bright, like in a supermarket. Mood lighting puts customers at ease and makes retail goods ten times more appealing. As such, power distribution for general and accent lighting can encourage customer spending in retail. 


Official brand outlets commonly have tall shelving, some skimming the ceiling, packed with old and new inventory. Overhead lights get easily blocked, so there must be enough light fixtures in every aisle. Big outlets with hundreds of customers daily also need security cameras in every aisle for the same reasons. With busSTRUT, lighting and surveillance can be wired from the ceiling. It’s neater and more organized this way than to wire lamps across the floor and up the shelves.


Restaurants need reliable power distribution for indoor lighting, speaker system, WiFi, indoor surveillance, and HVAC. Inside the kitchen, the staff will also need accessible sockets for task lights, appliances, and electrical tools for food prep, cooking, and baking stations. 


Reducing costs is a priority in industrial facilities, and lighting and power distribution in a vast industrial space is one area in which you can minimize expenses. With busSTRUT’s high customization and flexibility, you can have accessible power sources exactly where you need them. Install overhead bays with adjustable busSTRUT grid systems, and you can adjust and extend the power distribution coverage anytime.


Minimal and industrial aesthetics are trendy in corporate offices today. As such, pre-wired steel struts and bars with lighting and decorative fixtures won’t look out of place or off-brand for a corporate workplace. The flexible and customizable busSTRUT system can also change as the floor layout evolves. The strut system can follow suit if the office shifts from an open-floor plan to cubicles or long rows of desks. It will supply power to every desk, computer station,coffee machine,floor lamp, dehumidifier, or TV screen in the workplace.

Convenience Stores

Just as a customizable network of power connectors benefits supermarkets and retail and outlet stores, busSTRUT systems also benefit convenience stores. No matter how large or small the establishment, the overhead busways provide the means to keep stores well-lit 24/7 and ensure that crucial electrical systems for security, surveillance, and utilities are always up and running. 

busSTRUT can be the cost-effective solution to your power distribution and connection problems. Contact us today to learn more about busSTRUT fixtures and its busway and trunking capabilities. 

busSTRUT can be the cost-effective solution to your power distribution and connection problems. Contact us today to learn more about busSTRUT fixtures and its busway and trunking capabilities.