Why choose multiple systems when ONE System can do it all?


Cords & Plugs

busSTRUT is Regulated Under UL 857 (Busway) Standards

Lighting track is only for use with lights, while busway is regulated to carry and distribute power more broadly. busSTRUT is a busway, so it can provide power not only to light fixtures but also to other devices, including floor fixtures and IoT.

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busSTRUT Power
busSTRUT Lights


General & Accent

Integrating All Light Fixture Types

busSTRUT allows general lights to be used in conjunction with accent lights on the same system. Moreover, pendants can be easily incorporated using the busSTRUT-READY OCTAGON BOX.

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AV & Security


busSTRUT is able to incorporate speakers, monitors, security cameras, and wireless access points, providing you with a clean ceiling plane.

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data distribution
busSTRUT Decor


Boards & Fills

Up to 100 lbs. Between Support Points

Our system is steel-strong, so you can hang decor elements such as boards, fills, and signage directly from busSTRUT.

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The busSTRUT system is an all-in-one electro-mechanical modular solution that combines drop-down power, lighting, data, and decor elements to create your customized solution.


BusSTRUT Base System

Connect the Runs

busSTRUT can be suspended in one interconnected configuration, which ensures that all your lighting, power, data, and/or decor can be placed on ONE system.

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Power Drops & Lights

Lighting track is only for use with lights, while busway is regulated to carry and distribute power. busSTRUT took the capabilities of busway and designed it to work for both power distribution and lighting.

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BusSTRUT Ready Lighting
busSTRUT Data and Decor

Data & Decor

busSTRUT is highly durable cold-rolled 12-gauge STEEL. Therefore, whether you’re looking to support faux wood boards or a television – busSTRUT may be your solution!

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