By suspending busSTRUT overhead, you can rest assured that no matter where you need lighting or power, you’re covered. Not only can general lights be used in conjunction with accent lights on the same system, pendants can be easily incorporated using the busSTRUT-READY OCTAGON BOX.

busSTRUT-Ready Octagon Boxes

busSTRUT-READY OCTAGON BOXES come preinstalled with two-circuit flip-fitters that establish both the mechanical and electrical connections. This eliminates the need for costly in-field wiring and numerous homerun feeds. The result is an extraordinarily cost-effective installation with complete design freedom and purposefully clean, uncluttered architectural aesthetics.

Drop-Down Power

busSTRUT is a busway—meaning our system can provide power to more devices than just lighting fixtures. With busSTRUT already overhead for lighting, power taps can easily be added. Our power taps are attached to the busSTRUT via a plug & play fitter, so power drops can even be moved or rearranged in the future!

Customized to fit your needs

busSTRUT allows for lighting, power, data, and decor elements to be added or moved as needed on ONE system. As your design evolves, so does the busSTRUT system.

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