Data Connections

Businesses today utilize data in every conceivable way, from determining shelf display designs that attract the most customers to calculating sales targets for the year. While an increasing number of organizations are transitioning to cloud services to expand database capacities and capabilities, there is still a need for robust on-site infrastructure for enterprise data centers.

Below, we’ll delve into a crucial and often overlooked component of enterprise data centers: cable management.

Yes, cable organization, design, and management significantly impact business. It directly affects your local area network (LAN)’s reliability. If you have excellent cable management, your employees can be more productive and efficient using office computers and other tools and equipment. More importantly, you can maintain a high standard for data collection and analytics across your operations.

busSTRUT plays a prominent role in establishing data connections in business establishments, facilities, and offices. We provide high-quality, pre-wired strut channel connectors that distribute lighting, power, and data through one suspended strut system while giving you a clean ceiling plane.


Reliable Data Connections Made With Strut Channel Connectors

busSTRUT is a modern cable management solution that supports various data connections and integrations. It provides part of the physical infrastructure necessary for creating an on-site data center accessible to devices and users on the premises.

busSTRUTS are pre-wired steel struts that can be assembled into adjustable, crisscrossing tracks installed overhead. These bars conceal cabling for electricity, lighting, security, and data connections. Instead of running cables from wall or floor sockets to a fan or surveillance camera on the ceiling, the cabling is serviced through the busSTRUT system.

  • ONE System: Add lighting, power, decor, and data connections to the pre-wired struts as ONE cohesive overhead cabling system.
  • 12-Gauge Steel Struts: Mount electronics like wireless access points and security cameras, as well as decorative fixtures on these sturdy steel struts.
  • UL 857 Standards (for busways) Compliant: Distribute power more broadly, safely, and cost-effectively throughout your facility to power data computing devices and technology.

Why busSTRUT?

  • Clean and Organized: Reduce, if not eliminate, exposed ethernet cables and electrical wiring on the floor, walls, or ceilings.
  • Varied Integrations: Connect lighting fixtures, power drops, and media devices in one busSTRUT system
  • Cost-effective: Reduce costs with fewer cabling requirements and quick and easy installation
  • Customizable and Flexible: Modify the strut channel connectors’ layout, design, and reach as needed, i.e., when changing the floor layout.
  • Turn-key Benefits: Get everything up and running in no time on installation day.
  • Convenient: Keep installation downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum.

busSTRUT takes the simple idea of pre-wiring durable steel struts to improve cable management, lighting, and power distribution. With this, you can have an entire cable trunking and busway system that supplies power to computers, cameras, IoT gadgets, and other devices that transmit data all over your business facility.

General Data Applications

What are the data connections that you can establish with the busSTRUT system? Enterprise data is not limited to financial information or e-commerce transactions collected and transmitted online. As such, the applications of busSTRUT connectors include all types of data fixtures, such as:

  • Ethernet cables for LAN and WAN (wide area network) connections.
  • Wireless access points (devices that strengthen and extend WiFi coverage over a wide area or building).
  • Security cameras and surveillance audio recording devices.
  • High-definition television screens and projectors for multimedia streaming and real-time conferencing.
  • Logistics and inventory tracking devices.
  • Endpoints like computer terminals and artificial intelligence (AI) machinery.
  • Smart technology devices.

All these applications and more make up private data centers businesses own and operate on-site. Data centers are crucial for security, production, maintaining legacy systems, etc.

busSTRUT provides supporting electrical infrastructure for data connections and endpoints. Each strut connection is outfitted with durable, high-quality cabling for data lines to flow without interruption – or clutter – from one end of the business premises to another. Moreover, busSTRUT’s UL 857 standard busways help power up enterprise data centers.

Industry Applications of busSTRUT Data Connections


Supermarkets have four main areas: produce, sales floor, circulation, and checkout. While lighting is the primary concern for all four, having reliable data connections in these areas is also crucial for security, surveillance, intercom, data collection, and Internet services. Security cameras must be online 24/7. The same goes for intercoms, which facilitate faster and smoother coordination between the floor staff and back-office employees. Internet and LAN connectivity is also crucial for points of sale stations like staffed and self-checkout counters.


In retail, you want people’s attention and focus on the goods you want to sell. The decor, lighting, and ambiance serve the same purpose: to showcase the clothing, shoes, bags, and other consumer goods on the shelves. In the midst of these, video surveillance and the Internet (both wired and wireless) must keep running to ensure security, process sales, and provide customers with in-store perks that help build loyalty, like free WiFi and loyalty points programs.


There is an even heightened focus on inventory in outlet stores. Aesthetics and decor are more muted and minimal to allocate as much space as possible for inventory. As such, there is a greater need for electrical wiring and energy distribution to power store-wide surveillance systems. Also, since modern in-store security systems need secure LAN and WiFi to transmit and store data, outlets will benefit from busSTRUT’s out-of-the-way solution for cable management, power distribution, and data connections.


Restaurants have six main areas: the kitchens, dining room, bathrooms, bar area, entrance and waiting areas, and backroom or staff room. All areas except the backroom are often busy and have high foot traffic during business hours. Any floor wiring, even if covered with a rubber protector, can become a tripping hazard and impede the staff’s workflow as they move from one area to another. busSTRUT’s overhead busway system removes these hazards. More importantly, it allows data connections for security, POS, inventory management, and back-office operations.


Modern industrial facilities have significantly benefited from busSTRUT’s modular, customizable, easy-to-install strut system. Industrial facilities are often vast and have problems like signal interference and poor WiFi strength because of the abundance of hefty concrete structures and reflective surfaces. With busSTRUT, industrial facilities can be in greater control of how power and data is distributed throughout the premises.


There is an even greater need for data connections in corporate offices. Employees collaborate, share, and store data through secured LAN/WLAN and send reports online. Moreover, the overhead busSTRUT system is more valuable now that many offices follow the trendy minimalist interior design and floor layout. Of course, office layouts will change as the business evolves and expands, and the flexible busSTRUT system, with its modular construction, can also quickly adapt to those changes.

Convenience Stores

Proper cable management and power distribution to improve data connections – busSTRUT can make these happen for convenience stores. The convenience of installing store-wide security and surveillance makes busSTRUT worth every dollar, especially for stores that operate with minimal staffing and without trained security personnel.

Build High-Integrity Enterprise Data Connections With busSTRUT

On-site data centers are complex and require professional planning. Incorporating busSTRUT products in the design can help ensure the integrity and long-term cost-effectiveness of the data connections in your office or establishment.

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