In a supermarket, there are four main areas – producesales floorcirculation, and checkout. busSTRUT dramatically improves the shopability of all four areas.


The busSTRUT system’s clean ceiling plane helps to direct shoppers by highlighting produce tables with precisely located light fixtures.

Sales Floor

busSTRUT has the unique ability to run lights down the center of the aisle. This means no more wasted light on top of gondolas. busSTRUT illuminates all products far more effectively, from the top shelf to the very bottom shelf.


By using only one feed, busSTRUT eliminates an unsightly maze of wires, in addition to offering both increased control and lower cost.


Checkouts need not only light but also power and networking capabilities. busSTRUT offers register-run products that provide both overhead power and networking. busSTRUT also highlights point-of-purchase items by placing the accent lights on the same run as the general lights.