busSTRUT allows for cost-effective lighting of an entire industrial space, flexible task lighting for an assembly area, and drop-down power.

General Lighting

Installing high bays in industrial applications is typically accomplished by mounting fixtures from stems or chains. This is a time-consuming process that results in an unsightly maze of crooked fixtures. The busSTRUT system is engineered to simplify and streamline the installation process. busSTRUT is suspended from virtually invisible cables at the desired mounting height, allowing us to run parallel rows of busSTRUT-READY HIGH BAYS.

By resting a higher amperage double-deck column atop parallel rows of busSTRUT, we eliminate hand-wiring as well as a significant number of homerun feeds.

Task Lighting

Installing task lights in industrial applications has traditionally been done with continuous linear lights, which are often difficult to install with a “tilt” toward the assembly lines. But with busSTRUT, you can now achieve noncontinuous “light-space-light,” and the fixtures can simply be tilt-adjusted when used over an assembly line.

The busSTRUT system allows for the flexibility to add or move light fixtures based on what is being assembled below. If the industrial floor plan changes, so can busSTRUT.

Drop-Down Power

busSTRUT is a busway, meaning that it can provide power to more than just lighting fixtures. With busSTRUT already overhead for lighting, power taps can easily be added to the system. Our power taps are attached to the busSTRUT via plug & play fitters, so power drops can even be moved or rearranged in the future!